Breukelen Country Fair at Wyckoff House Museum. I’m pictured teaching embroidery and beading to children and families. Photograph by Katherine Grigorieva.

As artist in residence at the Wyckoff House Museum, textiles extend beyond my studio to propagating textile crops on the farm, and engagement with visitors. Pictured above is a textile-making station at the Breukelen Country Fair. Dozens of kids learned to embroider and bead. Parents taught children as I assisted kids ages 3 and above, some of whom stitched for the first time. Fabrics pictured are Dutch plaids donated by former artist in residence, Farida Sedoc.


Below: beaded interpretation of the Delft tiles surrounding the fireplace in my Wyckoff House studio. In-progress installation view; textile will be wearable.

Delft Tiles as Textiles. 2017. Beading on voile. In progress installation/wearable textile.