Iviva Olenick

Embroidery and natural dyeing with Wyckoff House teen apprentices

Natural dyeing and embroidery workshop with Wyckoff House Teen Apprentices, August 16, 2018
Pokeberries initially dyed my fingers. The resulting dye on silk was much more subtle. Without a LOT of berries, results on fabric can be subdued, despite the fuschia of the berries.
Boiling pokeberries. Dyeing and embroidery workshop with Teen Apprentices. 8-16-18.
The teens helped harvest the Rudbeckia. The pokeberries lived up to their name and were so thorny that only adults picked them. Teens got to dip silk handkerchiefs in the dye vat and pick their favorite to take home.
As mentioned, while pokeberry can dye fingers fuschia, it is actually quite subtle on fabrics without the benefit of an extreme amount of berries…