Iviva Olenick

America, Do You Love Me?

America, Do You Love Me?
Embroidery on indigo-dyed fabric. 2018. 22×26.5″.

Do you love me? Will you safe-
guard my freedoms? Protect
me from fear? Or am I a DREAMer,
my dreams once deferred, now declined? Your
version of the American Dream – grab (her) life by the balls (pu$$y)
a member’s only access point, a wall to my family’s
dreams of irrevocable security, sanctity of home, freedom

Text by Iviva Olenick.

To be worn in silent performance protests, States of Emergenc(y)e, 2020.
America, Do You Love Me? installed at Wyckoff House Museum in Nou la – We Reach! exhibit contextualizing contemporary and historic immigrants to the East Flatbush neighborhood, June 2018.