Iviva Olenick

States of Emergenc(y)e in performance (coming 2020!)

In spring-summer 2020, performers and I will gather in parks bordering NYC borough borders in silent performance-protests, wearing quilts made with textile handcrafts (embroidery, cross-stitch, natural dyeing) incorporating government-issued emergency blankets to protest government-induced emergencies, particularly incursions on immigrants’ rights, including family separation, children in cages, travel bans and on.

Pictured above is a mockup of several performers gathered in Shore Park, Brooklyn, separating Brooklyn from Staten Island. Gathering at borough borders, we pose the questions: What would it look and feel like if we couldn’t cross borough boundaries? How would we work, eat, see family, return home, shop, see friends? Can we imagine a world in which our daily movements are surveilled and restricted to this extent? How do we push back against incursions on basic human rights and support the most vulnerable among us?