Iviva Olenick

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  • Cynthia, Kaya and Marcus

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  • They Got Hitched!

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  • Family Portrait

    In celebration of a 15th wedding anniversary, I created this family portrait, translating a snapshot into thread.   Pin It

  • Pocket Square Proposal

    This story is one of my favorites. A friend asked me to recreate in embroidery a love note he’d written for his girlfriend and left on the bathroom mirror late one night. He gave me a handkerchief, and I set to work. The resulting piece became part of his proposal to her. They are now…

  • Newborn Welcome

    Upon the birth of my oldest friend’s daughter, she asked me to make something to commemorate the occasion. I looked through all of the online photos of her new daughter, and found one to use as inspiration for an embroidery. The base fabric is an antique lace. I think it may have been a pillow…

  • Amidst the Mists

    Several years ago, my friend , Daniel Yuhas, and I traded artwork. He knits amazing animals. In fact, his book, “Knitting from the Center Out,” is now available for pre-order! Anyway, in exchange for a hand-knitted and stuffed octopus, I embroidered the below piece for him. He provided the quote. Congrats to Daniel on his…