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On Thursday, 9/25/14, fellow Co-Create Artists in Residence and I debuted new digital and interactive works. James Tunick programmed pre-recorded sound to launch when viewers get close to my sculpture.

Sculptures with Interactive Sound

October 2, 2014

Thanks to James Tunick of IMC Lab and Gallery, where I am a current Co-Create artist in residence, I debuted interactive sound in conjunction with my handcrafted sculptures this past week. While we still need to tweak the interface, it was exciting to hear my sculptures talk! Months of work came to fruition. Stay tuned […]

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Post-it(s) at Muriel Guepin Gallery, Brooklyn

Were I So Besotted: How and why I make this work

July 1, 2014

    In 2007, I began embroidering anecdotes from my dating escapades, juxtaposing images and text on pieces of fabric approximately 5 inches wide by 8 inches high. Each fabric “page” recounts a specific episode. Taken as a whole, these episodes, which combine rawness, vulnerability, humor, hope, fear, disappointment, love and loss, are an embroidered […]

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